adventure mini crazy golf courses

adventure mini crazy golf courses

Want a bespoke themed crazy - adventure - mini golf course for your venue or event?
Sculptzilla can design and create just about any crazy golf course theme you like, just provide us with a brief and we'll do the rest!

Initially commissioned by a UK shopping outlet, crazy/adventure/mini golf courses were a first for Sculptzilla, always keen to try something new, we eagerly arose to the challenge! Channelling our knowledge and expertise of creating 3D scenes, these sculptures were hand carved out of polystyrene, hard coated with a flexible polyurethane resin and hand painted to a detailed finish; resulting in a fun, unique and bespoke experience.

Proving to be a real hit with their customers, the clients were so happy, they re-commissioned us to re-theme the course in time for their Christmas shoppers.


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