Gallery // Monsters On The Mall: Halloween 2015.

Original design for the pumpkin photo opportunity feature.
Rough hand sketch onto the poly.
Cut in half to allow people to stand behind.
Lets get carving!
Rough carving out.
Becoming more refined with more features and detail added.
Now sanded and smoothed out, ready to be fibreglassed for durability.
Having been fibreglassed, the pumpkin's now for the paint.
A splash or orange . . .
Finished with some sinister shading to make it more ghoulish!
I have the seal of approval from my official product tester :-)
Now for some pumpkin vines & leaves.
The first monster for the Monster Mayhem machine!
Rough sculpt of the dragon.
Fibreglassed dragon
The finished monsters, looking rather mischievous, awaiting delivery and installation.


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