Gallery // Yummy Yorkshire Halloween Event 2014.

Initial design for the creepy cauldron.
Creepy tree man which was the basis for the large sculpture.
Not all designs were used but were fun to create.
Rough sculpting of the creepy cauldron.
Prepped ready for fibreglass.
Fibreglassed and ready for paint.
Rough marking out prior to the first cuts.
Starting to take shape. . .
Now onto the base of the tree.
Test fit for the face & base of the tree.
Bringing character (and creepiness) to the face.
Arm test fit.
Refining the hands.
Now for splash of colour. . .
Literally working the grave yard shift - 40 graves to be painted.
The end result was worth it.
Now for the vampire head. . . sculpted . . .
Prepped for fibreglassing . . .
Base coat of paint . . .
Airbrush work used for the finishing touches.


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